Watch vans skid on ice in the Arctic Van Test 2014
The Arctic Van Test puts vans to work in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Bu...
published: 07 Mar 2014
Extreme Alaskan malamutes at work in the Arctic
Malamutes pulling freight across the Alaskan tundra in the depths of winter. Visit www.arc...
published: 21 Dec 2010
yea guys thanks for watching :3...
published: 13 Jan 2014
2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 with SSV Work Speaker Pods, Crawl Tunes Rear Speakers
Please enjoy MCC's look at this 2013 Wildcat 4 that we recently built for one of our custo...
published: 02 Jul 2013
Does Arctic Ease work: WREG - CBS, Memphis asked Texas A&M Aggie Track / Field Dr Henderson
http://www.arcticease.com Does Arctic Ease work? WREG (CBS, Memphis) asked Texas A&M Aggie...
published: 21 Jun 2012
author: arcticease
On My Way To Work - Arctic Bay
April 30, 2013 Arctic Bay, Nunavut, Canada....
published: 13 Jun 2013
author: TheADzioba
2011 Arctic Cat 450 LTD Work Utility ATV
2011 Arctic Cat 450 LTD, SOOO!! EASY TO TURN WITH NEW POWER STEERING - We don't skimp on t...
published: 08 Sep 2010
author: Kevin Stokes
Making the 2012 Arctic Cat M8 work in the pow
Michael Koch, Darrin Dubbelde, and Andy Williams play in the deep powder. Michael and Andy...
published: 06 Mar 2012
author: mkoch898
2011 ARCTIC CAT 700 LTD Work Utility ATV
2011 ARCTIC CAT 700 LTD, Is it possible to make something more awesome? Of course it is. W...
published: 08 Sep 2010
author: Kevin Stokes
Work on the 1992 arctic cat jag AFX pt1
Hope it will help some one out....
published: 09 Jun 2011
Field Work Blog#1 Packing for the Arctic
In this video i talk about the clothing that I am packing for our trip to the Arctic....
published: 04 Mar 2014
2011 Arctic Cat 550 LTD Work Utility ATV
2011 Arctic Cat 550 LTD, SOOO!! EASY TO TURN WITH NEW POWER STEERING - We don't skimp on t...
published: 08 Sep 2010
author: Kevin Stokes
2011 ARCTIC CAT 550 Work Utility ATV
011 ARCTIC CAT 550, This ATV transforms any outdoor terrain into your own personal "Advent...
published: 08 Sep 2010
author: Kevin Stokes
Social Work Through Hiphop in Canadas Arctic
Social Work through Hiphop in Iqaluit with BluePrintForLife.ca 29 projects have been compl...
published: 23 Jun 2009
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Arctic Ease just how does It work?
http//:www.buyarcticease.com How does Arctic Ease work? We asked a few celebrities to give...
published: 10 Oct 2012
author: arcticease
Arctic Cat 700 efi with motor work cranked for first time
Engie's Arctic Cat 700 EFI with a 750 bbk, web cams, custom ported/shaved head, muzzy exha...
published: 04 Feb 2008
author: jwol316
Sonal Choudhary's work in the high Arctic at 79 N (Ny-Alesund, Svalbard).wmv
I work on the high Arctic tundra ecosystem (i.e. small little cute plants) which are prese...
published: 06 Sep 2012
Study, work, live in the Arctic Circle
Et bidrag til Hallo Norden filmkonkurrence 2012 "When a cold Northern river rolls its wave...
published: 19 Dec 2012
author: NRNMR